Alice, under ground: rolling tucks

The Mock Turtle

The tucks are in a brickwork pattern. Here, there are plain stitches at each end of the rows, but you could work partial beginning-of-row and end-of-row tucks on alternate tuck rows if you prefer them to go right to the edge.

In addition to your working needle you’ll need one much thinner circular, to work the tucks.

To centre the tucks in a square, you’ll need a multiple of 10 stitches, plus 5. This gives tucks of 7 stitches in width, with 3 stitches in between.  A long-tail cast-on is probably best. It is a 12-row repeat pattern:

Row 1 (WS): K1, (k3, p7) to last 4 sts; k4.

Row 2: P1, (p3, k7) to last 4 sts; p4.

Row 3: as row 1.

Row4: as row 2.

Row 5: K1, (k3, p2) to last 4 sts; k4.

Row 6: K6, (p3, work tuck*) to last 9 sts; p3, k6.

Row 7: P6, (k3, p7) to last 9 sts; k3, p6.

Row 8: K6, (p3, k7) to last 9 sts; p3, k6.

Row 9: as row 7.

Row 10: as row 8.

Row 11: K1, (k3, p2) to last 4 sts; k4.

Row 12: P1, (p3, work tuck) to last 4 sts; p4.

* Working the tuck:

1. Insert the thin circular needle from back of work to front, picking up strand lying between the two working needles:

Spinning Turtle tech 1

2. Move thin needle, with its strand, to back of work, and leave there while knitting next stitch of left-hand needle with right-hand needle, as normal:

Spinning Turtle tech 2

3. Work steps 1. and 2. six more times, to give 7 strands on thin needle, 7 recently-worked stitches knitted on main needle:

Spinning Turtle tech 3

4. Slide strands on thin needle along to the wire section, and leave hanging there. Turn, and working on main needles only: S1p, p6; turn work; s1p, k6; turn work; p7.

Spinning Turtle tech 4Spinning Turtle tech 5Spinning Turtle tech extra 4

5. Turn work. With RS facing, slide sts on thin needle to the straight, working end. Then, holding thin needle behind and parallel to LH needle, work one stitch from each of these LH needles together, in turn, as follows: (k2 [tog]) 6 times, SSK [tog].

Spinning Turtle tech 6

This completes the tuck:

Spinning Turtle tech extra 2

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