Lavender wands, in wool

 Select an odd number of nice long lavender stems; at least 5 or 7, but more if the heads and stalks are slim.

Best picked an hour or so before use, so that the stems don’t break when you bend them, but haven’t, on the other hand, dried out and become too brittle to manipulate.

Lavender stalks

Strip the stems bare. Choose a matching yarn, and tie them together, just below the heads.

This is a lightweight yarn, so it’s being used doubled. A heather mix or deeper mauve are also natural-looking. Allow  3 or 4 metres of yarn, working with it hanging loose rather than wound up in a ball.

Lavender grouped stalksLavender with woolLavender tied stalksLavender heather mix 1Lavender heather mix 2

Gently begin to bend each stalk over in turn, to encase the flower-heads, distributing them evenly around.

Lavender fold close up

Lavender weave 1Lavender fold arty

Tucking the short end of the tied yarn in amongst the flowers, begin, with the long end, to weave over and under each stem in turn, working downwards, round and round.

Lavender weave 2

Lavender weave 3

If any little buds poke through, pull them out or poke them back in with a tapestry needle.

Lavender weave tuck

Tie the yarn in a bow below the woven flower-heads, or continue to weave or wind it down round the stems in an artful way that sadly I’ve not been able to master.

Lavender - cut

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  1. Viv Tanswell says:

    Thank you for teaching me to make lavender wands. I think they’re great.

    Viv x

    12:13 pm on September 13th, 2016
  2. wull says:

    Thank you, Viv – lovelyto hear from you! I think you’ll enjoy making them, and know for sure you’ll do them beautifully. Aileen x

    6:32 am on September 14th, 2016

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