Almost at Random


Almost at Random

in Rowan Cocoon

When my daughter asked for a randomly-striped top, and handed me an armful of yarn to knit it with, I was quite unprepared for a struggle: I thought randomness, by its very nature, would just happen. But this was far from the case.

Five colours, which had looked so good together off the needles, began to fight for attention as the knitting grew, and for a while things were looking chaotic. The rogues – let’s name and shame them: pale Frost and dark Quarry Tile – were standing out because, crucially, the remaining three colours were very close in tone to one another and just couldn’t help looking harmonious.

So this is randomness brought into line with a touch of orderliness.

Frost is confined to the border and then appears as the only single-row stripe, worked every 10th row without fail, but nowhere else. Quarry Tile has a dash of carefully-controlled unexpectedness. And the rest really is done with reckless abandon.




Pattern – 6 sizes:

available to buy:  Ravelry

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